Adding content from Pocket

Integrating Pocket with Goodbits makes it easier than ever to send over articles favorited in your Pocket straight to your Goodbits queue. 

1. Adding Pocket as a Source

To add as a source, head over to your newsletter settings > sources page. From there, click on the 'Connect with Pocket' button. 

Once you're on the Pocket site, click 'Authorize' in order to enable the app to sync with Goodbits.

2. Favourite an Article in Pocket

Once you've marked an article as a favourite ⭐ in Pocket, articles will automatically appear in your Goodbits queue.


If Pocket articles are not appearing properly in your queue, head over to the integrations page to see the last time we've fetched your favourites. Click on the 'Refresh' 🔁 button to fetch them manually from Pocket. If they're still not appearing,  contact support.

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