How to use your own MailChimp Template

This is a feature we used to offer and still support for those users that had it enabled. We recommend users today to use our new editor.

Using a custom MailChimp template to theme your newsletter is simple with Goodbits:

1 - Edit your MailChimp Template

In  MailChimp find "Saved Templates" under "Campaigns", and add the following merge tags to your template:

  1. *|GOODBITS_CONTENT|* (required) — The current issue's links
  2. *|GOODBITS_HEADER|* (optional) — Can be set in the Goodbits Editor
  3. *|GOODBITS_SUBHEADER|* (optional) — Can be set in the Goodbits Editor
  4. *|GOODBITS_DESCRIPTION|* (optional) — Can be set in the Goodbits Editor
  5. *|GOODBITS_FOOTER|* (optional) — Can be set in the Goodbits Editor
  6. *|GOODBITS_TITLE|* (optional) — This is the Newsletter's Name
  7. *|GOODBITS_ISSUE_NUMBER|* (optional) — The numerical issue # (eg. 21)

2 - Set your MailChimp template in your Goodbits Newsletter's "Template" settings

You will need to enter the URL from MailChimp's template editor. It will look similar to:

3 - Preview & Send

After saving, click the  button to see how your content looks within your MailChimp template.

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