Goodbits or Custom Template

Note: This applies to our old editor. The current editor we support and are evolving going forward has the ability to style the email based on components and design options.

The emails you build with Goodbits can use a template we have built or a custom template.

Our Templates

All of our plans have the ability to use any of our templates. If you're looking to customize the header and branding of it, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans.

  • Simple but elegantly styled to work on all email clients
  • Change the logo and link colors with our paid plans
  • Responsive template so that it looks good on Mobiles and Tablets
  • You can send your newsletter with a click of a button, directly from Goodbits

Custom Template

Business users have the ability to use their own custom template. Get in touch with us for more information.

  • Use your branding style of email. Good when our templates don't suit the style you're looking for
  • We support any HTML/CSS style email
  • When implementing the template, we'll ensure that the generation of your newsletter from content works perfectly

To use a custom template, simply send us your HTML/CSS template and we'll get implemented into your newsletter in a snap.

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