Using Goodbits To Send Your Email Newsletter

1. Updating Your Email Footer

Under your newsletter's name, click 'Settings'.

Under Settings, click the 'Email Setup' tab. Find the 'Send With Goodbits' button and click.

Enter in required fields and 'Save Settings'. The physical address you provide will appear in the footer of your email newsletter.

2. Verifying Your Email Address

Once your physical address has been saved, you'll be prompted to visit the email account you provided in setup and open the mail you've received from Goodbits asking you to verify your email address. 

Click the button in the email that says,  Verify ''.

Two steps down! One to go.

3. Adding Subscribers

Click the 'Add Subscribers' link. 

There are a number of ways that you can add your existing subscribers or new ones to your Goodbits account. 

1. Add Manually - You can manually enter in each email addresss for your subscribers. Don't forget to click the box 'This person has given me permission to be added as a subscriber', especially if they're a Canadian reader

2. Import From CSV File - Export your list as a CSV file from your current list provider (ConstantContact, AWeber, etc.)

3. Import From MailChimp - Connect your MailChimp account, select your list and import your subscribers.

4. Import From Campaign Monitor - Connect your Campaign Monitor account, select your client and subscriber lists to import.

You must add at least one subscriber to be able to send on Goodbits. You're all set! 

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