Adding a Twitter Feed

Adding a Twitter Feed

Log into your Goodbits account.

1. Under your newsletter's name, click on your 'Settings' tab.

2. Under your 'Sources' tab click, 'CONNECT WITH TWITTER'.

3. Authorize your Goodbits account to connect with your Twitter account.

4. Make sure your timeline is checked and click 'ADD TWITTER FEED'. 

In the future we will offer up filtering, such as just favourites or retweets. 

Check out your queue! It should be full of your tweets. Drag n' drop these tweets into your next newsletter. 

How are tweets ranked for popularity?

Tweets are ranked based on the combination of the number of 'favourites' + the number of 'retweets' received.

This feed is refreshed weekly so a tweet 2 weeks ago receiving 2 favourites and 3 RTs would have less rank than a tweet that happened a day ago, receiving 1 favourite and 1 RT.

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