Adding GIFs to Your Email Newsletters

Delight your readers but adding a GIF or two to your email newsletter.

Using an Awesome GIF From the Internet

Link to a GIF you've seen from a site like  Giphy or Imgur (and bypass hosting it yourself) to easily add a fun-factor to any email newsletter.

  1. Visit a site that hosts GIFs (we're fans of Giphy, so we'll use them as our example).
  2. Search for a GIF you'd like to add. Meow, our suggestion is kittens but search for anything you fancy.
  3. Click the 'Advanced' tab and copy the 'GIF Download' URL. No need to download it.
  4. Log into your Goodbits account.
  5.  Now, insert your GIF just as you would insert an image via URL.

Using An Awesome GIF You Created

  1. Find a place to publicly host your GIF. This could either be on your own server or by creating an account with Giphy or Imgur (for example). 
    Recommended: Try and avoid using Dropbox to host your public GIF -- we've found that there is a good chance emails will be marked as spam once delivered. 
  2. Upload your GIF to a site like Giphy.

Start following #3 of above section, Using an Awesome GIF From the Internet.

Give the gift of GIFs, today!

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