Sending the Final Version of Your Newsletter

When you are ready to send the final version of your email newsletter issue, you will need to click the 'Next' button and then either:

  • Send Now
  • Create MailChimp / Campaign Monitor Campaign (when not sending via Goodbits)
  • Schedule to Auto-send Later 

The 'Send Now' Button

When using our default template, 'Send Now' will create the campaign within Mailchimp and then send it. You will get a sending confirmation email from MailChimp.


The 'Create Campaign' button

This option is only displayed when you use an existing MailChimp template. Use this for adding and collecting content in Goodbits to your template.


When clicking this, Goodbits will only create the campaign, not send it. You will then be shown a link to visit the created campaign to send or schedule the sending of the campaign.

The 'Schedule to Auto-send Later' Button

Choose a date and time you would like to send your newsletter and Goodbits will queue it up for delivery. 


Update your timezone under ‘Settings’ to ensure accurate delivery.

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