Content-Level Analytics

What are Content-Level Analytics?

Content-Level Analytics is the best way of knowing if the content you share is working and what types of content you should cut from your next issue. It provides a complete view of how many readers saw and engaged with each Bit of content in every issue you send via Goodbits.

You can find the Analytics for your Newsletter on the left-hand navigation sidebar, under the tab called " Analytics."

How do I use this?

Cruise through the analytics trend by clicking the Earlier or Later buttons below the graph to explore the performance. The graph displays a history of up to 50 emails at a time, so you can easily compare the metrics.

On the X-axis, you will find the number of email issues you sent, and on the Y-axis, the various counts for each of the metrics we track. You can navigate between each issue by clicking directly on the graph and observing the details below.

Interpretation of the Results

Each metric contains a number that shows the current state of the performance (in black text) and a number that shows how the current issue compares with the previous issue (green text - better performance / red text - worse performance). The counts are updated every 1 hour.


Represents the total number of subscribers who received the email. Bounces are excluded from this number.

Unique opens:

Counts the subscribers who opened the email. A breakdown of the Unique Clicks can be found in the table below the metrics.

Unique Clicks:

Measures the subscribers who clicked any link inside the email.

Engagement Rate:

It's a measure of how well your content performs independently of your total subscriber count. The Engagement rate is calculated as the total number of interactions your content receives (Unique Clicks) divided by your total number of subscribers who opened the email, multiplied by 100%. For example, if one subscriber opened the email and viewed (clicked) one article, the Engagement rate will be lower compared to a subscriber who saw (clicked) two articles. Contrary, the engagement rate is null for a subscriber who opened the email but didn't click any article. 

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