Importing Subscribers

Learn different ways to import your subscribers in Goodbits 

Goodbits offers a variety of options for importing subscribers. 

When you send with Goodbits, the Subscribers menu becomes available. Each of your Newsletters has its own Subscribers list, and the number of Newsletters you can create in Goodbits is unlimited!

NOTE: The total number of Subscribers for all your Newsletters cannot exceed your Subscription tier.

For example, if your plan is 5k, you may have:

  • 2 Newsletters with 2500 subscribers each
  • 5 Newsletters with 1000 subscribers each

CSV Import

The CSV import is a common way of adding subscribers. Most CRMs allow a contacts export that can be used to import the contacts in Goodbits.
Go to Subscribers - CSV Import and upload your CSV document.

The CSV document must have only columns: Email, First Name, Last Name (in this order). All fields are mandatory, meaning that only email contacts will not be imported without First and Last names!

Import from Mailchimp

From Mailchimp, you have the option to import our entire subscriber list or just a segment. Once connected, Goodbits will continue to import your subscribers from the selected list/segment. You can trigger the sync manually by clicking "Refresh List" on the top-right corner of the Subscribers page at any time.

Editing and deleting your subscribers in Goodbits will not affect your subscribers in Mailchimp. You can Remove the sync by clicking "Remove Sync" on the top-right corner of the Subscribers page.

Import from Campaign Monitor

Please follow the same process as Mailchimp above. The same rules apply.

NOTE: Only one Sync can be used at a time. While you can import subscribers from Mailchimp and Active Campaign to the same Newsletter, only the latest import will sync automatically. However, you can easily switch between imports without having to reconnect.

Import from Patreon

When you integrate with Patreon, your pledges will be synced in Goodbits. Please follow this tutorial on how to integrate with Patreon.

Import using Zapier

With Zapier, you can add subscribers from various applications. Use your Goodbits API when requests by Zapier while you set up your zap.

Create Manually

Subscribers can be created manually as well. All fields are mandatory.

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