Landing Site Custom Domain

You can easily set up a custom domain for your Goodbits landing site.

Currently, when you enable a landing site, we will create a subdomain on '' for you. You can change this to your liking, but if you want to brand your email newsletter further, we allow you to set up a custom domain.

To set up your custom domain, you must modify DNS records to set up an ALIAS or CNAME (if a subdomain) to ''.

Enable a custom domain

Under your landing site settings page, which is accessible from your Integrations (found on the left sidebar). Under the landing site settings, flip the toggle for using a custom domain and enter the domain you would like to use.

Don't worry, if in the preview under the settings, you don't see a page. This means that your DNS has yet to be set up. Below are the two common ways that the DNS can be configured with us.

Subdomain DNS

A subdomain type of domain name would be one such as '' or ''. You can set this up with your DNS using a CNAME record.

This record below is what would need to be added to get a 'www' subdomain working.

Record Name Target

If you are setting up a 'www' subdomain redirect, don't forget to look into setting up a forward on your root level domain.

Root level domain DNS

A root level domain is for when you would like to set up a domain like ''. This is not for when you would like to use ''; refer to below to set up that as it is a subdomain.

Some DNS providers allow you to set up this kind of domain. We recommend setting up a subdomain '' and having your top-level domain '' redirect to ''.

Here is an overview of the generic record that needs to be defined.

Record Name Target
ALIAS  or ANAME <empty> or  @


If you are confused or things aren't working correctly, feel free to reach out to us and we'll be happy to help you set this up.

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