Send with HTML Export

You can send your email newsletters with HTML Export. To enable this, simply select the sending provider 'HTML Export' from your email newsletter settings.

To export your email, simply save links, compose your emails, and then select the 'Export HTML' button in the top right of your screen. From there, you can then copy out the email.

Unsubscribe and other Links

Our template footer component has an unsubscribe and view in browser links. To modify these, you will see two fields to add your merge tags from your email-sending provider. You should find those in the support documentation of the service you use.

If you'd like to modify this further, please reach out to our support and ask about our custom template feature.

Landing Page

You can still continue to use our landing page, and it will not show a subscribe form, just the archive of your sent emails. The emails will appear when marked as sent by the email editor.

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