Use custom fields from RSS Feed in your newsletter

When using our custom template feature, you are able to reference custom attributes from an RSS feed to allow even faster automation of building your email newsletters.

For more information on how our custom template feature works, check out this article.

Here is a list of the fields that are able for you to reference when editing your component. To use simply enter a field like this into your template component.

{{ gb_link_venue }}

If you need more, we can easily add them to our parsers, please reach out to our support.

XML Feed element name Goodbits template Variable
venue gb_link_venue
eventdate gb_link_eventdate
eventday gb_link_eventday
eventtime gb_link_eventtime
address gb_link_address
city gb_link_city 
state gb_link_state 
talent gb_link_talent 
organizer gb_link_organizer 
employers gb_link_employers
location gb_link_location
remote gb_link_remote
publish date gb_link_pubdate

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