Sending your emails with Goodbits

We support a number of different sending options and it might be a little confusing if you're new to email marketing. In this article, we will try to explain a little about how we will send your email. But if you don't understand at any time, please hit the contact us button. We'd be very happy to help.

Sending with us, Goodbits, means these things:

  • We will host your subscriber list, this means that new signups from your landing page will be stored in Goodbits.
  • You don't need any other service to run your email newsletter, so no more pricing elsewhere. The plan you pick with us includes our builder features and a sending quota.
  • Analytics is collected by us and shown in your sidebar for your newsletter.

Why would you send with us?

You're probably wondering why then would we offer the builder and a sending plan. The reason is that many teams and individuals have their own email sending setup that already uses an existing service like MailChimp but want to still use Goodbits to save links and build email newsletters.'

Some require complicated automation and other email triggers which are better built on other services.

Another reason is cost. We are a small company and can only compete so much with others that send a lot more emails than we do, with large lists it's cheaper to send with other providers. Every year this gets cheaper, and we want to ensure we're giving you the best options.

If you're starting out and don't need anything more than an email to be sent weekly, then using our service to send it will be fine for you.

Is your sending any good?

We send our email to a reputable sending provider, and our dedicated IPs have a good reputation. We do our best to ensure that spammers never send emails from these servers.

We're happy to discuss email reputation and sending options anytime, please send us a support message.

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