Sending with ActiveCampaign

We support direct integration of creating a campaign with ActiveCampaign. After building your email newsletter with Goodbits, you can simply click on a button to automatically set up the generated email as a Campaign in your ActiveCampaign account.

Unsubscribe and other relevant footer links are configured to use what you have set up in ActiveCampaign. The from name and email you configure in Goodbits should match what you have set up to send with ActiveCampaign.

Setting it up

You'll need to head to your ActiveCampaign Developer settings and copy and paste the URL and Key and enter it in the email setup of your Goodbits newsletter.

You will then be shown your email lists, where you can select which email lists you'd like your newsletter campaign to be configured to send to. You can change these settings after in ActiveCampaign if you'd like.

From the editor, hit the Set Subject & Send. From there, you can set the subject of the campaign and click Create. This will create the campaign in ActiveCampaign. You can then head to your ActiveCampaign site and finalize your sending.

Here is a quick overview of setting this up.

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