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How to Cancel a Subscription

You have the option to cancel your subscription from the Billing page.

Canceling the subscription will stop your current plan from renewing. No additional invoices will be issued for your subscription. You may still use the full features of your plan for the remaining period until the Due date.

After the subscription period is over, you will still have access to your account and Newsletters. We will not alter any data on your account. You can access these data at any time in the future and re-subscribe if you need to.

Deleting the Newsletters

Deleting a Secondary Newsletter

A secondary Newsletter is any Newsletter created after your first Newsletter.

If you want to delete this type of Newsletter, you should know that all your issues and settings for this Newsletter will be removed, and you (not even us) cannot undo this action.

Go to Settings > General tab and click "Delete Newsletter". Your Newsletter will be deleted after confirmation.

Deleting a Secondary Newsletter will not cancel your subscription, nor will it influence any data for the other Newsletters you might have on your account.

Delete your Main Newsletter

Your Main Newsletter represents the very first Newsletter you created when you signed up. This Newsletter is directly linked to your Subscription plan. 

We don't allow the option for the user to Delete this Newsletter, as mistakes happen quite often. 

When deleting your Main Newsletter, your account will be empty. No other data except your name and email will be in our systems.


  •  You can cancel your Subscription and then delete your Main Newsletter. (see How to Cancel a Subscription & Deleting a Secondary Newsletter above)
  •  You can request the deletion of the Main Newsletter through our support

To request deletion, go to Settings > General tab and click "Request Deletion". Then click "Ask" on the pop-up dialog and Submit your deletion request.

Deleting your Goodbits account

You can also request the complete deletion of your account at We will completely delete all your data from our systems.

When submitting your account deletion request, please include a brief answer to the questions below. This will make your voice heard and help us to improve the product.

  • Why was our product not working for you? 
  • Did something not work the way it was supposed to? 
  • Or did we have something missing that you needed?
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