Adding links as you browse the web

To add content directly from your web browser to your newsletter, you can use one of our extensions or bookmarklet. This bookmarklet allows you to easily save an article to a bucket or your next issue.

Outlined below are the web browsers we support and some information on how to install Goodbits with them.

All of our extensions will show you our Goodbits add link popup which allows you to pick and crop a thumbnail, as well as edit the title and description.


To install our chrome extension, simply visit our  extension on the chrome extensions store and click install.

After installing, you'll see our Goodbits button appear next to the web address. Just click on it.


To install our Firefox Add-on, visit our  Firefox install page. After clicking the Install button, your web browser will ask for confirmation.


Visit our  Safari install page and click on the download link. With Safari, you will have to locate the downloaded file. Normally on Macs this will be your 'Downloads' folder, visible in your Finder. Load the file 'goodbits.safariextz' to complete the last step to install into Safari.

Internet Explorer and other desktop browsers

For these browsers, you can install our bookmarklet link to your bookmark toolbar. To do this, login to Goodbits and open the 'Add link' for a newsletter. You will then see a Goodbits link you can drag to your bookmark bar.

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