How to use Buckets

Why Buckets?

Many of our users found it difficult to navigate all of their content when building a newsletter. The introduction of automated sources made it particularly easy to collect lots of information, but we never gave users a great way to filter, plan and organize that content. Well, now we have. Introducing Buckets!

What are Buckets?

Buckets offer you the ability to plan and organize all of your links easily, or as we like to call them, bits. To be clear, bits are pieces of content that are collected using our Browser Extension, Automated Sources, or URL. Think of Buckets as your collection area. Buckets are extremely useful for planning future issues, collaborating with team members, and organizing lots of content. 

How to use Buckets?

Buckets aren't very useful without any bits. Get started by collecting bits. The two most popular ways of collecting bits are using Automated Sources and the Browser Extension

By default, bits will appear in your Inbox bucket when you collect from the Browser Extension. To keep you more productive, we automatically create a Bucket and start saving your articles when you connect an automated source. Thus, for RSS sources, you will see the RSS Feed bucket. For Twitter, you will see the Twitter bucket and so on.

When you feel the need to start organizing your bits, create a new bucket and drag your desired bits into the bucket. When creating a new issue, you can filter your content by Bucket.

Create a New Bucket

Add Saved articles from the New Bucket to the email

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