Collecting Subscribers from your Landing Page

Landing pages are a great way to present your entire activity to your subscribers and attract even more subscribers through our Subscriber form. People can signup for your newsletter directly from the Landing page. The new subscribers are saved instantly in Goodbits, Mailchimp, or Sendy. (when you're sending via Mailchimp or Sendy).

This is probably the most elegant and appreciated solution for collecting Subscribers!

The Landing page contains an archive of all your past emails, a Subscriber form, and is also customizable. It's proven that users who can scroll through a history of content are more likely to subscribe than users who only see one piece of contact from the publisher. The reason is simple enough; not all publications have the same level of engagement. 

PRO TIP: You can compare the performance of up to 50 of your email issues at a time.

To use your Landing page go to Integrations - Landing Site

Inside you will find a Preview link. You can share that link through your social media channels and start collecting subscribers.

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