Onboarding and Test Email

Welcome to Goodbits!

We'll show you how to get started and send a Test Email in just a few clicks.

1. After you've Signup, the first step is to give your Newsletter a name

2. (Optional) Name your Landing Page. By default, we fill in the name of your Newsletter. (you can change this later)

3. Proceed towards editing your Newsletter

4. Add Content to your Newsletter. We loaded one sample article. However, you can add your own articles from automated sources.

5. Once your content is added, simply drag & drop the articles to build your Newsletter

You have multiple block types to display your articles. Select one from the "Display content as" field. The example below is the Tabloid view.

6. Now, you are ready to send a Test Email

You will receive an exact copy of your email, exactly how your subscribers will see it.

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