Sending your first Goodbits Newsletter

After You've Signup and sent your Test email, you're now ready to send the "real" email to your Subscribers.

To send your first email with Goodbits on the Free plan you have to set up a couple of things.

Add Subscribers

This step is pretty obvious as you need at least one subscriber to send the email to. Please explore our article where e explain in detail how you can add your subscribers from multiple sources.
Goodbits allows for different methods of Importing your Subscribers.

Verify your Reply email address

This step is mandatory as it offers confirmation that the owner of the account is not using a "dummy" email address. We choose to perform the verification step at this stage and not at SignUp because we believe that the Onboarding process should be as smooth as possible.

Enter Your Address for email footers

Introducing your address in the footer has numerous benefits:

  • Reduces the probability that your email is marked as spam by different email clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.)
  • Helps prioritize deliverability  
  • Provides confidence and professionalism to your email

To set your Reply Email and Footer Address, go to Settings - Send With

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