Sending email newsletters with Sendy

We support the ability to send your email newsletter with Sendy. We do this by allowing your landing page subscriptions to go to Sendy and your final email newsletter has its template be export-ready for Sendy.

Setting it up

To set up Sendy, please follow these steps.

  1. Select Sendy as your sending provider under the 'Email Setup' tab of your newsletter
  2. First, enter your Sendy installation URL when presented with the Sendy provider options. This is the URL that you have set Sendy up at, it would be something like or This URL will only be used to post new subscriptions when using our landing page integration.
  3. Enter the Sendy List ID that you'd like to send to, you can find this under the View all lists section in Sendy, and it's named ID.
  4. Enable the "Export HTML with <head> elements".

Testing new subscriptions

When you have the landing page configured, head to the landing page URL and enter a test email to subscribe. That email address and name should show up in the Sendy list you have configured. If there are issues, please contact us and we can assist you further.

Sending your email newsletter

When you are ready to send an email newsletter. Hit the Export HTML button from the editor.

You can run test emails here, these emails will be sent from our sending service for review of the copy and any design options. It will not render the correct unsubscribe and footer merge tags.

To send with Sendy, click the "Copy to Clipboard" button. Head to Sendy and paste it into the HTML Field of the editor you see. Make sure to not paste it directly into the editor. The Sendy editor must be switched to HTML. That's it. The email has been exported.

If you have issues, please reach out to our support, we'd be happy to help you.

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