Saving links from an RSS feed

Goodbits makes it easy for you to automatically save links from RSS feeds and use them from email newsletters.

We automatically pull the title, description and potential thumbnails to use from the link.

On some occasions, websites do not allow us to fetch this information, in which case we will only store the URL and title.

How to add an RSS feed

  1. Navigate to 'Sources' from the newsletter side menu
  2. Select 'RSS Feed'
  3. Enter either the feed URL or the homepage of the site you'd like to save links from. We'll try to detect the feed from the homepage.
  4. After adding the feed, links will appear in "Saved Links"

You can change the collection you'd like links from that feed to be saved to. This is convenient if you'd like to group links together under a topic.

How to add a Saved Link

To add articles to an email newsletter, from your email editor click the green "Add content" button on the left. Select the 'Saved Links' tab, then drag and drop the article to your email newsletter. After you can tweak the description, pick and crop a thumbnail.

You can switch the style that you'd like the link to appear as from the dropdown on the left and also filter the collection or source that you had the link saved from.

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