Saving links from an RSS feed

Goodbits makes it easy for you to automatically save links from RSS feeds and store them into Goodbits.

We automatically pull the title, description and image candidates from the destination link. On some occasions the source does not allow our service to fetch this information, in which case we will only store the URL and title.

Make sure to take advantage of our Collections feature that allows you to save specific feeds to certain collections. Each RSS feed can be configured to go to a specific collection.

We currently don't support the ability to have articles from an RSS feed go directly to an email newsletter, but if you'd like this, please reach out to our support and let us know. We want to make sure we have the best setup to help you automate great curated email newsletters.

To add articles to an email newsletter, hit the Add content and select the 'Saved Links' tab, you will then be presented with your collections to drag and drop the articles to your email newsletter. From there you can tweak the description, pick and crop a thumbnail.

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