How to send from Goodbits via Campaign Monitor

You can choose to save links with Goodbits' chrome extension and build email newsletters with our builder to send with Campaign Monitor.

This is extra helpful if you already have existing lists and segments in your Campaign Monitor account that you want to re-use.

To do this, head over to the Settings page for your Newsletter in Goodbits and select Campaign Monitor under the Email Setup section.

You will then be asked to connect with your Campaign Monitor account. We use this connection so that we can show you your lists and then with your permission you'll be able to send your final emails directly to Campaign Monitor.

After connecting with Campaign Monitor, then select the Campaign Monitor list you'd like to send your email to.

Now you're all ready. Head over to the editor and build your newsletter. When you're ready to send, simply hit the 'Set Subject & Send' button in the top right of your newsletter. There you can either create a campaign, which will allow you to view the campaign and configure further options within Campaign Monitor or to Send the campaign directly from Goodbits.

For any further assistance, please reach out to our support.

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